Winter is coming ...

Winter is coming ...

As the weather turns colder do you change up your skincare regime?  Do you notice your skin gets drier in winter?  Ever wondered why?

As the temperature drops, the outside humidity gets lower, plus we normally spend more more time inside, which isn’t always ideal for your skin. Spending time inside, with heaters going, decreases humidity indoors and is a factor for why our skin gets dry.

We are also exposed to less sunlight in the winter which means less vitamin D.

Do you indulge in a super hot shower to fight off the chill?  As awesome as it feels, this is another thing that can dry out your skin. Hot water dries the oils out of your skin. The warmer water you use, the drier your skin’s going to be.

But, it's ok!  You can easily fix the issues winter brings.

Firstly, as tempting as it is, don't have super hot showers - and make sure you give your skin back the moisture it needs after you are dry (our Alix Nourish & Tone Body Oil is perfect for this). Don't despair though! If you feel the need for a nice hot soak our Bath Bliss Bubble Bath is moisturizing, cleansing and the best way to revitalize and relax when it's cold outside.

Secondly, don't over exfoliate. When you see dry, flaky skin you might want to try and exfoliate it away. While it definitely has its place, exfoliating too much will just end up causing more damage.  Once or twice a week max.

Third, use the right products. If you are looking for one product to add in to your skincare routine our winter must-have product (which is just as useful in summer too) is the Ultimate Face Oil. Our facial oil is a blend that covers all the skins needs, where one oil alone  - like rose hip oil for example - only offers one or two key ingredients. At a quick count our face oil offers over 18 key ingredients. Plus, it is 100% oils, not diluted with water like a standard moisturizer; which means you need just one product.  Putting it on in the morning will help defend your skin against the winter elements.

Hopefully this will help you, and your skin, get through the winter better.