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Oily / Combination Skin

A Balancing Routine


Ever wondered why your skin gets extra oily? Well, blame it on genetics, those fun hormonal changes (hello puberty!), stress, and even some meds. Plus, using skincare products that are too harsh or just not right for your skin type can crank up the oil factor even more.

After delving into the intricacies of oil production, it's important to note that Alix washes utilize a cutting-edge cleansing system known as APGs (Alkyl Poly Glucosides). These compounds offer a delicate yet effective cleansing action, standing out among other surfactants for their mildness and skin-friendly nature. With APGs, you can expect a thorough cleanse that respects your skin's natural balance, epitomizing our dedication to advanced skincare solutions. Ref 1.

Morning routine:

Cleanse choose a or b:

a. Opt for our Balancing Skin Wash, renowned for its deep pore cleansing action that's gentle on oily skin. Enriched with potent plant-based antioxidants like vitamin E (1300iu) and Kanuka, it supports the body's natural defense against free radicals, preemptively addressing potential concerns. Experience the power of proactive skincare.

b. Start your mornings with a refreshing cleanse using steam flannels, especially beneficial if you showered the night before. Our recommendation is to pair the steam flannel with 3 or 4 drops of Manuka and Orange Essential Oil for an invigorating experience.

We advise washing your facial skin once a day—no more, as over-washing disrupts the delicate acid mantle. Remember, it takes approximately 8 hours for your skin to replenish its natural oils after cleansing, so finding balance means opting for a gentle, yet effective cleansing routine.


a.  b. 


Next hydrate:

Our Brighten + Repair Serum is your oily skin's best friend. It works wonders by boosting hydration levels while also kickstarting stem cell action, thanks to papaya cellular extract. This clever process helps your skin shed naturally, promoting the growth of balanced new cells and ensuring those pores stay clear. Plus, with the addition of Hyaluronic acid, your skin gets the perfect dose of hydration, leaving it beautifully plump and radiant. 


+ Nourish

Ready for an extra boost? Consider layering on some Alix face oil to really amp up your skin's nutrition. Don't worry, it won't leave you feeling greasy—just nourished! We suggest two pumps for the perfect dose. Packed with omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 essential fatty acids, along with avocado oil loaded with vitamin A and apricot oil bursting with vitamin C, this formulation is like a multivitamin for your skin. And let's not forget the vitamin E (1300iu) for that added antioxidant punch.


Finish with Natural SPF Protection: 

Ready for flawless, protected skin? Our CC Cream with SPF 15+ does it all! Not only does it even out your skin tone and act as a primer, softening those fine lines, but it also shields your precious skin from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. Say goodbye to heavy foundations and hello to a lightweight, pearlescent natural finish that lets your skin breathe.

Now, let's talk sun protection. SPF 15+ offers 93% protection, while SPF 50 boosts that to 98%, giving you an extra 8 minutes of protection time. But here's the real kicker: natural SPFs utilize zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to create a reflective barrier on your skin, keeping you safe without harming the environment. On the flip side, SPF sunscreens over 30 often contain oxybenzone, octinoxate, and avobenzone—chemicals that not only filter sun rays but also pose a threat to marine life and our precious seabeds. With natural SPFs, you can protect yourself and the planet simultaneously.

Makeup: A lick of mascara, and Alix lip oil, you’re set to go.


Night time routine:

Cleanse: It’s late and you’re tired. Use Alix Nutritive + Gentle Makeup Remover. It’s safe for you to leave on the skin and from time to time do nothing else.

Best practice for oily skin to follow on after the makeup remover with our famous Steam Flannel technique using an essential oil blend. Lavender + Lime or Manuka + Orange, both are blissful and degreasing. A second cleanse using steam infused essential oils is enough without the disruption of a full cleansing wash. As the skin then needs to repopulate skin cells with its own natural oils which oily skin does this in an over abundance.

Hydrate: Following the steam flannel, apply the Alix Aloe Hyaluronic serum to deeply hydrate the skin. This encourages a translucent healthy glowing skin. And, drink some water.


Skincare tip: Throw away night creams they’re counter-productive to the bodies natural rhythm. Sleeping allows the skin to rest, breathe and shed dead skin cells. Hydration is necessary, not nutritional products. Heavy creams can cause puffiness under the eyes and can also have a thinning effect to the skin because over-use of processing nutritional active materials isn’t giving the skin it’s desired rest time.


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