Combat oily skin

Oily / Combination Skin

A Balancing Routine

Morning routine:

Several factors can contribute to the overproduction of sebum, including genetics, hormonal changes (such as puberty), stress, and certain medications. In addition, using skincare products that are too harsh or not suitable for your skin type can also lead to an increase in oil production.

Cleanse: Use Balancing Skin Wash which has a deep pore, gentle cleansing action by employing a blend of plant-sugar (APG’s) materials. Also loaded with plant-based antioxidants-vitamin E 1300iu, and Kanuka. Antioxidants assist the bodies ability to counteract free radical action. Meaning correcting any potential problem before it happens.

Hydrate: Aloe hyaluronic serum is ideal for oily skin boosting the skins hydration and also encouraging stem cell action from the apple tree extract present. This action is targeting your skin to shed naturally and produce balanced new skin cells.

Nourish: An optional second layer using Alix face oil is often necessary to boost the skins nutritional requirements. Your skin will only absorb what it needs, two pumps is recommended, this non-greasy formulation has omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 essential fatty acids. Along with avocado oil rich in vitamin A and Apricot oil rich in Vitamin c, vitamin E 1300iu.


Protect: Use CC Cream, SPF 15+ to unify your skin tone, acts as a primer (meaning it softens fine lines) and protect your facial skin from the sun’s UVA +B rays. Replace heavy foundations with a skin-loving, pearlescent natural finish, which also encourages your skin to breathe.

Synopsis on sun protection: SPF 15+ offers 93% protection and SPF 50 is 98% protection with an extra 8 minutes protection time. On paper there’s little to compare. Natural SPF’s employ zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which create a reflective and protective surface on the skin. They are both natural materials and harmless to the environment. Whilst the over 30+SPF sunscreen typically contains chemicals known as oxybenzone, octinoxate, and avobenzone. They also filter sun rays, with the added action to stop the skins inflammation response to sun exposure. They are known to be harmful to the seabed and marine life.

Makeup: A lick of mascara, and Alix lip oil, you’re set to go.


Night time routine:

Cleanse: It’s late and you’re tired. Use Alix Nutritive + Gentle Makeup Remover. It’s safe for you to leave on the skin and from time to time do nothing else.

Best practice for oily skin to follow on after the makeup remover with our famous Steam Flannel technique using an essential oil blend. Lavender + Lime or Manuka + Orange, both are blissful and degreasing. A second cleanse using steam infused essential oils is enough without the disruption of a full cleansing wash. As the skin then needs to repopulate skin cells with its own natural oils which oily skin does this in an over abundance.

Hydrate: Following the steam flannel, apply the Alix Aloe Hyaluronic serum to deeply hydrate the skin. This encourages a translucent healthy glowing skin. And, drink some water.


Skincare tip: Throw away night creams they’re counter-productive to the bodies natural rhythm. Sleeping allows the skin to rest, breathe and shed dead skin cells. Hydration is necessary, not nutritional products. Heavy creams can cause puffiness under the eyes and can also have a thinning effect to the skin because over-use of processing nutritional active materials isn’t giving the skin it’s desired rest time.





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