Hydrate and soothe

Dry Skin

Your Nourishing Routine

Your Morning Routine

1. Cleanse   2. Nourish   3. Protect

1.  Cleanse a, b or c

a. For dry, and often rapidly aging skin, rely on our Sensitive Facial Cleanser. Infused with nature's antioxidants like MSM, B3, and stabilized Vitamin C (SAP), it also features Olive Leaf Extract and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein. This powerful blend reduces inflammation, soothes, hydrates, and enhances skin connectivity, protecting from any disruption to the balance of your natural oils, and unlocking your skin's full potential.

b. Our Face Skin + Hair Gentle Cleanser offers the ideal, everyday wash that preserves your skin's natural oils. Switching to this reliable and gentle cleanser may suffice to address dry skin concerns

Your cleanser is pivotal in any skincare routine. Alix employs materials that offer the gentlest washing system available today. Trust that you're in good hands.

c.  Occasionally, opt for a steam flannel with Lavender or Manuka oil. Give your skin a break from daily washing. Upon waking up with clean skin, simply refresh using this steam flannel technique. It gently stimulates skin cells, providing a satisfying and soothing cleanse for your morning routine.

a.b.c. c.

Toner: Embrace the cold shower challenge. Balancing the skin's acid mantle was once necessary after harsh cleansers, but not with Alix. Formulated at 5.7pH-6pH, matching the skin's natural acidity (pH 4.5-5.5), our cleansers protect against harmful elements. Alix's washes define gentle care.

2.  Nourish:

Combat dry skin with the Alix Face Oil, delivering essential nutrients, moisture protection, and multiple benefits for vibrant skin. Three pumps cover the face and neck. This non-greasy formula deeply penetrates skin layers, surpassing traditional moisturizers.


3. Protect your skin with CC Cream SPF 15+. It evens tone, primes (softening fine lines), and shields against UVA and UVB rays. Infused with New Zealand Seaweed, rich in vitamin C, it hydrates and soothes. Replace heavy foundations with this pearlescent, skin-loving alternative for a natural finish, letting your skin breathe freely

Synopsis on sun protection: SPF 15+ offers 93% protection and SPF 50 is 98% protection with an extra 8 minutes protection time. On paper there’s little to compare. Natural SPF’s, such as the Alix CC Cream employ zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which create a reflective and protective surface on the skin. They are both natural materials and harmless to the environment. Whilst the over 30+SPF sunscreen typically contains chemicals known as oxybenzone, octinoxate, and avobenzone. They also filter sun rays, with the added action to stop the skins inflammation response to sun exposure. They are known to be extremely harmful to the seabed and marine life.

Makeup: A lick of mascara, and Alix lip oil, you’re set to go.


Night time routine:

Cleanse: It’s late and you’re tired. Use Alix Nutritive + Gentle Makeup Remover. It’s safe and good for you to leave on the skin and do nothing else.  Our makeup remover formulation lifts off dirt, waterproof mascara and the CC Cream from your day wear routine.

You’ll discover this simple practice of washing less boosts and stabilises your skins connectivity. Meaning the skin can do its job of producing collagen and elastin without the disruption from washing the skin with a cleanser and water.

Want a little more pampering. Follow on after the makeup remover with our famous Steam Flannel technique. We recommend to use lavender essential oil. A second cleanse from using the makeup remover, is sometimes what we prefer and this simple step is gloriously uplifting both to the senses and throughly cleanses the skin.

Hydrate: Following the steam flannel, apply the Brighten+ Repair Serum to deeply hydrate the skin. This encourages a translucent healthy glowing skin. And, drink some water, your skin will love you back.


Skincare tip: Ditch night creams—they disrupt the body's natural rhythm. Let your skin breathe and shed dead cells while you sleep. Hydration is key; skip heavy creams to avoid puffiness under the eyes and often adding to thinning effects.

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