Every day essential

Normal Skin

A Simple Routine

Morning routine:

Cleanse: You love a morning shower, use Alix Face Skin + Hair Gentle Cleanser.

A tear-drop size for your face, a whole pump for your hair, and another pump into your flannel or palm of your hands for your whole body.

Gentle cleansing is the secret to good skin and hair health. Know Alix cleanser won’t strip any of your natural oils and will breakdown 100% back into nature. You’re safe to bathe outdoors in nature, our sugar based washes (APG’s) cause you or the environment no harm.

Also, packed with plant-based active materials to stimulate health-giving responses for your whole body. i.e nettle extract targets inflammation while gives shine to the hair; wheat protein offers nourishment for skin and hair, as does pro-vitamin B5, and the list goes on…

Toner: Turn your shower to cold-go on be brave. Toning the skin was necessary to balance the skins acid mantle, which is no longer necessary with Alix cleansers. Carefully crafted to be 5.7pH-6pH which is necessary as the skin’s acid mantle (natural oils and sweat) is slightly acidic, at pH4.5-5.5, which helps to protect the skin from harmful bacteria, pollutants, and other external factors.

Nourish: Use Alix Face Oil giving your skin all the daily nutritional requirements, protection from moisture loss and lots more benefits for your skin’s best health. Three pumps is plenty to cover the face and neck area. A non-greasy, absorbent formulation which penetrates deeply through your skins layers, more than any moisturiser can achieve.

Protect: Use CC Cream, SPF 15+ to unify your skin tone, acts as a primer (meaning it softens fine lines) and protect your facial skin from the sun’s UVA +B rays. Replace heavy foundations with a skin-loving, pearlescent natural finish.

Synopsis on sun protection: SPF 15+ offers 93% protection and SPF 50 is 98% protection with an extra 8 minutes protection time. On paper there’s little to compare. Natural SPF’s employ zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which create a reflective and protective surface on the skin. They are both natural materials and harmless to the environment. Whilst the over 30+SPF sunscreen typically contains chemicals known as oxybenzone, octinoxate, and avobenzone. They also filter sun rays, with the added action to stop the skins inflammation response to sun exposure. They are known to be harmful to the seabed and marine life.

Makeup: A lick of mascara, and Alix lip oil, you’re set to go.


Night time routine:

Cleanse: It’s late and you’re tired. Use Alix Nutritive + Gentle Makeup Remover. It’s safe and good for you to leave on the skin and do nothing else.  Our makeup remover formulation lifts off dirt, waterproof mascara and the CC Cream from your day wear routine.

You’ll discover this simple practice of washing less boosts and stabilises your skins connectivity. Meaning the skin can do its job of producing collagen and elastin without the disruption from washing the skin with a cleanser and water.

Want a little more pampering. Follow on after the makeup remover with our famous Steam Flannel technique using an essential oil blend. Lavender + Lime or Manuka + Orange, both are blissful. A second cleanse, is sometimes what we prefer and this simple step is gloriously uplifting both to the senses and throughly cleanses the skin.

Hydrate: Following the steam flannel, apply the Alix Aloe Hyaluronic serum to deeply hydrate the skin. This encourages a translucent healthy glowing skin. And, drink some water.


Skincare tip: Throw away night creams they’re counter-productive to the bodies natural rhythm. Sleeping allows the skin to rest, breathe and shed dead skin cells. Hydration is necessary, not nutritional products. Heavy creams can cause puffiness under the eyes and can also have a thinning effect to the skin from the over-use of processing nutritional active materials.


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