Some Thoughts Are Worth More Than Others

Some Thoughts Are Worth More Than Others

It's Mother's Day this month so everyone's going to start bombarding you with messages and hints about what your mum will want as a token of your love and appreciation on her special day.

Not sure about your mum, but if we turned up with a fancy diamond she probably would have very quickly taken Dad aside to question his sanity. And as a mum ourselves, we'd absolutely freak out if we received a gift that cost even half of what we spend on weekly groceries. It's the gesture folks, not the actual gift!

Most mums we know are well versed at being last on the list for needs and wants, and experience true joy when that doesn't happen. 

The proverb "its the thought that counts" remains as true today as it was first uttered by Henry van Dyke Jr. in 1906 but we want to take it a bit further than surface level thoughts.

We wholeheartedly support and endorse families spoiling the mum-figure in their lives. We love it when mum's are recognised for all the hard work they do day-in-day-out, year after year. But, we don't think a token gesture of Scorched Almonds (or Malteasers) is enough. Nor do we think that ridiculously fancy pieces of bling is necessary.

It's too easy to pick something up from the supermarket or dairy as a last-minute effort. It requires money but very little thought to go to the jewellery store and buy something that sparkles. How about you take a moment to figure out what your mum (or mum-like figure) actually enjoys and do that instead.

A handwritten note. A bunch of wildflowers. A sleep-in. Brunch at a cafe of her choice. A bookshop voucher. A beauty therapy treatment. New leisurewear. 

By putting in just a little bit of time and consideration into your Mother's Day gifts, we can guarantee that your mum is going to feel loved and appreciated.

You've got one week, now go!