Should Is A Dirty Word

Should Is A Dirty Word

In our household we try to avoid using the word "should" because it can feel like we're telling someone what to do and that obligates them to do whatever it is we're telling them.

We've shifted to using the word "could" instead and it instantly makes our advice or counsel feel more positive or like an opportunity to make their own decisions, based on what we've discussed.

Think about it like this; you're having a discussion with someone about an issue you're facing or an event you've been invited to but aren't sure you want to go, and their response is all about what you "should" do. Doesn't that make everything less about what you actually want and more about what that other person wants you to do?

"You're addicted social media! You should watch 'The Social Dilemma' and discover how scary that is."

"Ugh, your colleague is making you do all the work all the time! You should tell your boss how you much work you're actually doing."

"You probably feel tired all the time because you drink too much. You should quit it with the alcohol and try kombucha."

Go back and read those with the word "could" instead of "should". Maybe you'll start feeling like should is a dirty word too.

For people around the world, April is a month of rebirth and renewal. It's yet another time of year when people reflect on times gone by and what is truly important to them. We want to encourage you to make April the month of "could" as opposed to "should" and do things that help renew your zest for life.

You might be surprised how a simple shift in thinking will change everything for you and your nearest and dearest.