Be a Hero by Shopping Local

Be a Hero by Shopping Local

Shopping local is a small way you can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

We saw a video on our social media recently of two women working in a boutique retail shop (a gift shop, from memory) and upon completion of a sale and the customer leaving the store, the pair crouched down behind the counter and did their happy dances and high-fived each other. Even though the video had no sound, you could feel the joy those hard-working souls were expressing.

When you buy mass-produced items at a big brand store it might be filling a need you have in the short term but by choosing to shop at an independent store that specialises in locally made items, the flow-on positivity that comes from that purchase is hard to deny.

Here's why we reckon supporting local is the best way forward:

  • While it’s true locally produced items do cost a bit more, this is only because New Zealand has a minimum wage that’s paid out to the people who not only make the product but also the people who are selling it to you.

    More money out in society is more money in the economy so your purchases are helping New Zealand in more ways than one.

  • Locally produced items are usually better quality and lost longer than off-shore counterparts. We understand that there are a bunch of things you simply cannot buy that are locally made, but when you can find what you’re looking for made in Aotearoa it’s been made in compliance with industry standards and quality control.

    It’s simply too damaging for an organisation to put out sub-par products and New Zealand is too small for local brands to get away with this kind of practice for long.

  • You’re supporting someone’s mum or dad, brother or sister, son or daughter pursue their passion for that particular industry.

    It’s a big risk to back yourself by going into business and every time you shop your purchase is proving to them that the risk was worth it.


As you know, we ourselves are a small family-owned business so we know how much support like this can mean to someone, and we want to say thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported us over the years too; you're our everyday heroes.

Sharon xoxo