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With new skincare trends constantly appearing, how do you know what is worth spending your money on? A quick google just told me that some of the latest big things for skincare in 2022 are Pre and Probiotic Skincare and Fermented Beauty Products (who knew?). 

With so many new, wonderful-sounding products, how do you decide if it is worth a try or not?

Retinol/Vitamin A is hailed as the big thing for anti-aging.

Often the latest 'It' product may sound impressive, but it is worth being cautious. In many cases, isolating the properties of a particular product can be too intense for the skin. You will usually see a warning to do a patch test and watch for irritation before increasing the dosage.

While Retinol or any Vitamin A-heavy product may sound like it will do extraordinary things, it comes with a warning. For an in-depth understanding of the risks Retinol uses should understand, we recommend this article from Business Insider, Mervyn Patterson, a cosmetic doctor at Woodford Medical

A quick summary of the article for those with limited time:

- Retinol works by encouraging basal cells (in the lowest layer of the skin) to divide, and as a result, you get more new epidermal cells that migrate up to the skin's surface and eventually become the rooftop.

- Patterson told Business Insider that he believes the industry is marketing retinol products to consumers in an irresponsible way.

-Patterson said that one problem with retinol overuse is that these new skin cells don't function well because they have been rapidly produced, and therefore lack the necessary adhesion and lipid production to protect the skin properly.

-"The main function of the top layer of the skin is to protect us, to keep away environmental factors. The more retinol you put on, the poorer the barrier function becomes," he said. "This is why a lot of people feel that their skin is very sensitive and experience peeling, flaking, and irritation."


At Alix, we harness what nature provides, the Avocado Oil in our Ultimate Face Oil is rich with Vitamin A, but at levels your skin can easily absorb and process.

No matter what the latest trend says, our philosophy remains to do less but do it better.

By giving your skin the right oils and delivering them in a way that they can do the most good - as an actual oil and not hidden in a water-heavy moisturizer, it will be more effective. 

We certainly aren't saying that the new developments and discoveries aren't worth researching and trying out, make sure you understand how to use them to get the best results.