The low-down on: Nettle

The low-down on: Nettle

When you first hear the word Nettle you might think of a plant that causes pain when touched, and you'd be right. BUT it also has some wonderful healing properties, which are only just starting to come to light.

One News recently released a story about how The University of Queensland  is currently studying toxins from our Native Ongaonga Nettle, and how it activates pain receptors in a new way compared to other nettles they were familiar with.  This could lead to finding cures for chronic pain.

We've been in on the secret for a while, and Nettle is one of the active ingredients we use in our Face, Skin and Hair Body Wash It is rich in minerals known to reduce inflammation which helps to soothe and reduce redness in dry or acne prone skin. Nettle is also full of protective antioxidants which provide anti-aging benefits.

Evidence also shows that Nettle can help encourage thicker, shinier hair and new hair growth.

We love harnessing the goodness of nature and bring the benefits from some unexpected plants into our products.  Our Face, Skin and Hair Body Wash is constantly one of our top sellers - if you haven't tried it already now is a great time to give it a go.