Create-your-own signature scent

My Perfume


Creating your own unique perfume is a magical journey filled with precious memories and inspiring moments. When you visit 'My Perfume' blending bar, you become the master and create a unique blend of essential oils that is your own distinctive fragrance.

A fun, enjoyable and sensual experience, a perfect and unique gift for someone special – a reward for yourself, a family member or best friend’s birthday, a distinctive gift to say thank you, or a way to share an exclusive experience with a group of friends. 


Rekindle the memories of alluring fragrances that have etched their scent in your life as you explore around 55 different essential oils. Recall a pleasing walk after a shower of rain where you brushed past flowering jasmine, its rich, intense and evocative fragrance saturating your senses and lingering in your memory. Rediscover a special place you visited where the scent of orange blossom, beautiful flowers or earthy woody aromas impregnated your senses and deepened your connection to nature’s beauty and the gifts it has to offer. 

my perfume bottles of essential oils blended to their perfume note


Guided by our trained aromatherapists, we offer you the opportunity to become a ‘Perfumer’ and create your own perfume. All our essential oils are therapeutic grade. Learn how to structure your perfume with top notes, middle notes and base notes as you compose a symphony of the scents you love until you discover your unique blended fragrance. We capture your special fragrance in unique biphotonic glass packaging (MIRON Violetglass) designed specifically for natural products. 

Come in and visit us at Alix Apothecary or give us a call so you can enjoy the unique and exclusive experience of creating your own perfume. We look forward to meeting you. 

See you soon.

Sharon Hansard