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Beautiful Is As Beautiful Does

We were approached recently by an "Influencer" on Instagram inviting us to partner with them on their campaign for cruelty free beauty products. We're approached on a regular basis by social media butterflies who believe that by showing their followers that they use our products, we'll be inundated with new clients. But this time was a little different because animal cruelty is something we care a lot about and something we take no part in (and are proud of that fact).

In the end, we couldn't go ahead with the partnership because of geography but it got us thinking about other things that were important to how we run our business. And who knows, maybe because we care about these things we'll find our way to a whole bunch of new clients who care about them too.


5 Things We Care About

  1. We use ingredients that are sustainably harvested right here in Aotearoa, New Zealand
  2. Our range of skin, hair and body care products are designed by a New Zealand Chemist who shares our green ethics
  3. Our product range is blended and made in Aotearoa, New Zealand by people who call New Zealand home 
  4. Not a single drop of our products are tested on animals, however the finished formula is natural and therefore safe to be used on your fur babies, if you chose to do so
  5. No distribution deals! We've been approached by third parties who want to partner with us and sell our products, but we've kept things pretty exclusive on purpose because we don't want anyone marking up our prices just so they can make a $1 (or more). We keep our overheads and margin low so you don't have to pay exorbitant prices for effective skincare.


There's a bit more to how we conduct our business, but that bite-sized list is a pretty good summary and provides you an insight into who you're dealing with when you shop with us. Maybe this will convince anyone considering joining the Alix whānau that it's worth it.

Ngā mihi nui