Are you considering joining the Alix Skincare whanau? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions to help you take that final step...

 What's different about alix?


Simply    Gently    Naturally

Do Less — But Better

With only 2 daily steps:

1.  Gently cleanse; using high-grade plant sugars with selected active materials. Once a day.

2.  Moisturise; using natural, plant oils. 

Alix also recommends moisturising in the morning, when your skin needs the most protection, hydration, and nourishment for throughout the day.

Give-up using night creams.

Exfoliate occasionally.

Why is 'gentle cleansing' most important?

Harsh cleansers will often cause dryness, and from dryness to the skin or hair, damage may follow. 

Plant sugars are proven to be the most gentle cleansers available on the market today. Plant sugars will not leave your skin or hair feeling dried out and stripped of its healthy oils and moisture. Nor is there a residue of fats left on the skins surface to mask the crunchy dry skin feel harsh cleansers employ.

How does alix boost the 'active' in the carefully selected active ingredients?

By using 'plant sugars' — they're not only effective, gentle cleansers. They have another action, which causes them to penetrate deep into the skins fabric and take other active ingredients along with them. 'Boosting' the actives' effectiveness. They are known for being a 'delivery system'.

They also leave no residue that other cleansers are guilty of, which cause resistance to the accompanying active ingredients having an effect.

Allowing alix cleansing suds to rest on the skin while you shower, will also 'boost' the effectiveness of active ingredients.

Really, give-up using a night cream?

Alix supports the holistic approach to skincare.

Throw away your night cream.

The skins natural body rhythm is to exhale while we sleep. Our skin doesn’t need protection at night from any harsh elements.

The skin is supported during the day with the perfect nourishment of using natural, plant oils to moisturize.

Night creams are unnecessary. Your face will quickly adjust, and love the rest. Try this for 3 days and you'll love the new found strength and plumpness to the feel of your skin.

Instead, drink a glass of water; it's the most simple, effective thing you can do for your skin, especially just before sleeping.

You will find, as we have, by supporting your skin's natural metabolism, the skin gains in strength, plumpness — it's elasticity improves and you will enjoy a natural radiance to your skin's appearance.

Why is there no perfume in our alix ultimate face oil?

We love using natural essential oils to perfume our product range. In this instance, even natural perfumes are a risk. Our facial skin is the most delicate. If you have sensitive skin or experience dark blotchy damaged pigmentation, this usually occurs from scents. Even naturally occurring phenols in essential oils can aggravate these conditions. It's a smart, first choice to eliminate scent for those of us who have sensitive or damaged pigment to our facial skin. With Alix ultimate face oil our first priority is to nourish and protect and keep our skin naturally radiant and youthful.

Why is using plant oils to moisturise, an effective solution for acne skin?

It has been extensively researched and shown acne skin lacks healthy moisture and oils, especially the essential fatty acids — omega 6 and omega 3. By applying topically these omegas — it improves the skin, balancing the skin's moisture and oil content, and will greatly assist skin suffering from acne.

Plant seed oils are one of the richest sources of Omega 6 and 3.

How to use the Alix Acne Control Regime.

1. Cleanse morning and evening using Alix Deep Pore Cleanser and rinse with plenty of water.

2. At this point, using a very hot steam flannel is most beneficial.  To do this twist your flannel by holding two diagonally opposite corners and twist. Hold under the running hot water and saturate. Stop the water flow and twist the flannel as tight as possible to squeeze out all the hot water. Open the flannel to allow the steam out and hold gently against your face. This opens the pores and leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed.

3. You may desire to follow with icing your skin. Applying ice is very beneficial in the treatment of acne and is known to reduce inflammation, applying ice stops the proliferation of cell activity and is known to kill bacteria. Would you like to know more about icing your skin — you're welcome to read our blog?

4. Apply Alix Acne Control on clean skin at least twice a day. You can apply Alix Acne Control as often as desired. There is no toxic backlash in the profile of the natural materials used in our Alix Acne Control. You may apply as often as desired.

5. Apply the Alix Aloe Serum as your first layer to hydrate and boost stem-cell action encouraging the skin to repair.

6. Using the Alix Face Oil to moisturise, nourish and protect your skin in the morning  is  recommended. Allow 15 mins before applying any make-up.

6. We recommend to keep your night regime simple. Use only the Alix Acne Control on the affected areas and follow with Alix Aloe Serum to encourage stem-cell action and hydration to help repair the skin. Leave your skin to breathe while you sleep not gooped up with heavy night creams..

7. Exfoliate once a week or as little as once a month. Use by sprinkling Alix Exfoliator Pumice Spheres into the Alix Deep Pore Cleanser. Moisten with water and exfoliate using a gentle circular motion. Rinse clean with water. 

By exfoliating your skin you are sloughing off dead skin cells and encouraging new skin cells to the surface. Use cautiously if your skin is sensitive and already inflamed.



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