Let's get sensitive

Let's get sensitive

Are you looking to alleviate the flaring of skin sensitivity?

You go an alarming red from a simple touch of the face.

Any active materials are now beyond mention. You've had enough scary adverse reactions. Professionals have convinced you it's your unique makeup, a lousy pool of genes and hormones that can't be overcome. You're told there is no medical cure for rosacea, and this is correct.


Can Alix help?

We remind people the scent, dyes and preservatives in leave-on facial products are the main precursors causing sensitive reactions. Scent often results in pigment damage as it is a photosensitive material.

It is important to know the difference between soaps and cleansers; soaps contain harsh detergents, while cleansers hydrate the skin. Having pH-balanced cleansers is a must, and don't use soap anywhere. Two reasons: soap is always alkaline, and its cleansing action strips your natural oils and leaves a fatty residue instead on the skin's surface. Not to mention how it doesn't break-down in nature and contributes to deoxygenating the oceans.

An expert synopsis: the skin's barrier is slightly acidic (4.7pH - 6pH) for a reason: to keep moisture in and bacteria out. If your skin barrier is too alkaline, your skin will be flaky and pitted, dry and red. If it's too acidic, you'll increase your chances of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and acne.

This is why cleansing is the first and most crucial aspect towards your best skin health.

What does Alix offer?

Alix offers a science-based, natural solution; Alix Sensitive Facial Cleanser.  Not only does our cleanser adhere to your skins ph-level it is packed with vitamin C, Organic sulphur, Olive leaf extract, Wheat protein and Vitamin B3. 

These potent natural active materials are nature's powerhouse of antioxidants, capable of binding and inactivating free radical activity, AKA calming aggravated skin cells.

Each natural active material has an outstanding pedigree in healing the skin. Improving the skin's production of collagen, elasticity, and the skins connectivity towards achieving healthy skin functions. Notably, B3 (Nicotinamide) is a known and powerful aid in treating skin cancer.

You'll discover using these materials in Alix Sensitive Facial Cleanser are calming beyond belief with immediate evident anti-inflammatory action. Your skin will feel more robust, smooth and hydrated after cleansing. It is genuinely ecstatic to use a product this gentle yet powerful. Giving relief for both rosacea and acne sufferers.

Try the Alix Sensitive Facial Cleanser once, and you'll understand why you're on your way to optimal skin health.