A Little Goes A Long Way

A Little Goes A Long Way

In a world that feels like consuming is the name of the game, we're happy to play by our own rules. 

We had a customer tell us recently that she loved our Refined Pumice Spheres Exfoliator because it was quite possibly going to be the only one she'd need for the rest of her life because you use so little of it each time. Our customer felt like we were giving her true value for money.

We love that kind of feedback because that is something we care about; that you feel like our products not only work for you but are worth the money you're spending on them.

As you're probably already aware, our range is good for the environment in a number of ways, and because a little goes a long way it means that our products last longer. It's important to us that when you use our products, you're experiencing quality and not quantity. In fact, if you're having to replenish your stock every couple of weeks, please reach out as it may be a case of incorrect usage and we'd love to help you make the most of your purchase.

And don't forget, if you're experiencing any skin concerns we'd love to help you find a solution that works.

Aroha nui
Sharon xoxo