Dark skinned female showing beautiful clear skin (rear view)

You Are The Miracle

Skin is self repairing; naturally.

In everyday life our skin undergoes a lot of wear and tear. For example, the chemicals in soap cause daily stress to our skin. Add the environment coupled with our lifestyle and our skin has its work cut out. The good news is — within our skin layers exist our own stash of stem cells; ready to renew and revitalise, and repair itself from this exposure or from an injury. You already are the miracle. 

Consequently, what does your skin actually require to maintain optimum healthy functions. The answer is often more simple than we imagine. Where gentle cleansing will lessen the skins stress and complete nourishment will aid in the skin having the available nutrition to support its natural functions.

Therefore, as a knowledgeable consumer, it is wise to ask the question 'how much fuss does my skin really need? and, what is the best regime to support healthy skin. Is all this packaging and marketing necessary for me to make the right choice? Should I simply look for a gentle cleanser and what will offer my skin complete nourishment?

For healthy glowing skin, it is safe to adopt the mantra — less is more — and gentle cleansing is the fundamental principal in supporting healthy skin. I was often reminded of this working as a beauty therapist. What was sometimes glaringly obvious was the impaired skin health of those clients believing they needed a lot of care and would over treat; to those who relied on a few simple tricks. The result of to much care from the ‘daily routine’ might be putting your skin under unnecessary stress. How many pots of this and that are you asking your skin to process? How gorgeous does it smell? Because perfume is the first suspect to cause irritation, photosensitivity, or pigment damage to your skin.

My grandmother had beautiful clear, unlined skin. She would collect rain water in a barrel off her roof top. She kept this solely to wash her hair and face with. Her daily regime was simple and it was successful because she really did have the most beautiful skin and shiny hair. She refused to use soap and instead would sometime use apricot oil smeared over her face, then use a hot flannel, from boiling her rain water to steam and rinse off with. She wouldn’t use a night cream, instead she let her skin breathe, or exhale at night. And she loved oils, especially to clean her makeup off with and to mix together herself, for her daily moisturizer.

It is a smart choice, to buck the trend and do less to your skin — like, throw away your night cream and let your skin have a rest. Ensure you're using a gentle wash and give as much nourishment to your skin, once a day, and in the morning, when it needs it. You'll find the ultimate nourishment is by using natural plant oils and the most proven gentle cleansers come from plant-sugars and this embraces part of our philosophy at Alix Skincare

Another part to our philosophy at Alix is where there are active ingredients included they are present in high concentrations and not just having a smidgen added for a label claim. What is cheap and cheery is often just that. Our point is to keep it gentle, natural, simple and trust in your bodies powerful ability to self renew and your own ability to shine with good health.